This is a foundation course which gives a teacher basic computing skills that are needed in education. It is important that students at this level are introduced to the various basic computing skills in order to make them more effective in their work as teachers.



In this digital era, it is imperative that teachers are equipped with basic computing skills so that they are able to use computers to teach their learners. This course introduces student teachers to, among other things, the use of productivity software such as Microsoft Word and Excel. It also imparts to them skills on how to use various web applications.

The course Operating Systems will enable student teachers have knowledge and skills on the architecture and underlying functionality of computer systems. 

RATIONALE The course is very important as it equips the student teachers with relevant knowledge and skills on how computers are made and how they operate. Furthermore, it provides the student teacher with the necessary teaching and learning knowledge and skills for pupils of computer studies at secondary school level in Zambia